Gravitonas. LIVE!

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148189 471388172379 256397377379 5563035 6955630 nThe almighty Gravitonas are currently away from their native Sweden and promoting in Russia. Alexander Bard’s music has always had a large Russian following, so it makes sense that he brings his new act out there to say hello!

They performed a live set at a club in Moscow this week. And for those who haven’t seen them live yet, but are curious, you can check out the below recordings of the five song set. The quality of the recordings are actually quite good. Not tv standard of course, but miles better than most footage you see shot by members of the public on their own personal recording equipment. You can see and hear everything quite clearly. We’ve mentioned on here before how impressed we were with Andreas’ live performance technique and swagger. And whilst he might not be singing everything live in the footage below, you still get a good idea of how great a frontman he is.

They performed ‘Religious’, ‘Shameless’, ‘Kites’, ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’, and their current single, the epic ‘You Break Me Up’.

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