The Studio Killers collective have got themselves a new track out, which they just uploaded online yesterday. Unsurprisingly, it continues in their 100% strike rate of putting out amazing songs. But quite surprisingly, this one may actually have managed to trump all of the other greats that have gone before it, to become their best track to date!

It’s half Europop, half commercial house. And totally brilliant. It’s like they’ve abandoned the (admittedly hugely endearing) eccentricities of their previous singles, and instead concentrated on making a straight forward pop banger, that would simultaneously unite listeners and ignite amyl fumes.  They’ve stayed true to their usual cute lyrical content though – “I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers instead“.

And as with all their other songs – this one needs to be turned UP.

They promise a debut album in June. And that’s next month, so we don’t think that they’re lying. It’s gonna be amazing, isn’t it?


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