Ronya: ‘AJNOR’

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Excitingly ace new Finnish popstrel Ronya has just released a new single.

We fell in love with this girl upon the release of her previous single ‘Hyperventilating‘. And since then she’s gone on to release her debut album ‘The Key Is The Key’. The release of the next single from that album is a strange one though. Not just a strange choice because there are better songs on there, but also in that it’s just a strange song – point blank period. But they’ve even gone to the bother of filming a video for it, so let’s go with it.

So yes, ‘AJNOR’. A strange song as we said, but not actually a bad one.The best bits are the parts of the song that are original and unique to it. Her verses and the music make it sound like it could almost be a spiritual piece, but then she goes and starts quoting a nursery rhyme, which makes a mockery of that particular theory. That’s not the worst part though – the song could most certainly have done without the male spoken parts in the middle. But yes, leave out those bits and you’ve got yourself a nice moody, melancholic, and perhaps even subtly melodic song.

Stick with this girl, she’s worth keeping an eye on.

Anyway, here’s the video. And the whole ‘The Key Is The Key’ album comes highly recommended by us and has also been released in the UK – link below the vid.


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