This morning Rix FM premiered 2012’s official Stockholm Pride song.

It’s a brand new remix of Lena Philipsson’s dance anthem ‘Du Följer Väl Med?’. The mix comes courtesy of the always amazing SoundFactory, who as well as providing the remixes for the release of the single earlier this year, has also produced this new specially commissioned Pride Mix.

It’s all a marvellous fit. A Swedish superstar such as Lena, delivering a banging SoundFactory production of a song which lyrically challenges the listener to take a risk and follow her, to come with her. It’s impossible to summarise what gay pride means for every individual in a country and age as advanced as Sweden and 2012 – but this has an admirable go at it. And it’s gonna sound great on the gay dancefloors too. We’ll see you there, by the way – in Stockholm during the first week and weekend in August!

The original ‘Du Följer Väl Med?’ appears on Lena Philipsson’s ‘Världen Snurrar’ album which was released earlier this year in Sweden. Folks from outside of Sweden can pick up the album from our online store here.

And here’s the brand new Pride version;

Du följer väl med? (Remixes) - EP - Lena Philipsson



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