Swedish singer Jasmine Kara has a new single out soon, and it got its premiere on P3 Radio at the end of last week. ‘Paralyzed’.

It follows on from ‘Can’t Lie To Me‘, her comeback single earlier this year. And like that, ‘Paralyzed’ is another rip-roaring, attitude laden, throwback to the retro sound that Jasmine Kara has settled upon and made her own. With ‘Paralyzed’ though, she comes out with what’s possibly her catchiest little pop gem to date. Tantalising and melodic verses give way to a commanding yet cool chorus, while a jaunty production plays out amongst it all. And Jasmine herself sounds like a seasoned slave to love, while telling the story.

Listen to ‘Paralyzed’ in full by skipping to the 8:09 mark of the below stream;

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