One of THE scandipop singles of the year has had a tarting up, a liquid lubing, and a top deck nightbus ride into town in preparation for its night out in clubland. ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ by Agnes now has its very own club mix, with the always reliable Niclas Kings at the helm.

Niclas has made THAT bassline even deeper and dirtier, wrapped the track up in layers of lazer bright synths, and turned ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ into a floorfiller for a different kind of floor in harder variety of club. The original is still perfection of course, but it’s great to have the Kings cross stamped on it, for the sake of homo-pleasing heterogeneity!

FYI y’all, at our last DJ gig we played ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ FOUR times in the space of two hours. People just would not stop requesting it. And obviously, we weren’t complaining!

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