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Ahead of its May 18th release date, ‘In The Heat of The Night’ by Star Pilots has been given a brand new video treatment for the UK market. The Top Gun spoof theme that has become something of a signature for them is still there thankfully. Some will be displeased at the fact that the dancing boys have disappeared. But many others will be delighted that they’ve been replaced by scantily clad girls who then strip down to bikinis to soap up and scrub a plane clean!

It would have been nice to have Johan Becker and the full time dancers in the video though. It’s particularly odd because when Hard2Beat first announced their signing of Star Pilots, they proudly claimed that Star Pilots ”weren’t just another faceless dance act” – which is true. However, it seems they’ve changed their minds about that one. That’s a large oversight in our opinion. The last couple of years in the UK charts have proved that if a dance act is fronted by a consistent face, be it a group or a person, then they can transcend the usual dance genre trend of only releasing singles, and actually release an album that can go on to sell over 300,000 copies (Basshunter, Scooter, Sash, Cascada), or at the very least, take up a residency in the top 20 for a month or so (Darren Styles, Ultrabeat). Which is usually unheard of for a dance act.

Star Pilots could have been one of those acts too. They’ve already got two more tracks in their repertoire ready for release, and Johan Becker told us last month that they’re working on an album for release in Sweden.

Leaving all that aside though, the reaction to ‘In The Heat of the Night’ in the UK has been amazing so far. As we said last week, it’s been playlisted as a priority record at BBC Radio 1. And now Scott Mills has made it his ‘record of the week’. Have a look at the video below;

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