Some potential Eurovision music from Finland!

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karsintalogo2011620YLE have uploaded the 15 songs competing for the last three places in Finland’s heats for Eurovision 2011. From now, for the next two weeks, Finnish people can vote for their favourites. And the top 3 will progress to the big heats that take place in January, along with 12 other songs that have already been chosen to compete.

You can listen to all 15 songs here. We’ve had a listen to all of them, and whilst most of them are quite dire, there are a few gems in there that we’d recommend checking out. Genre-wise, they’ve catered for lots of different people. Disappointingly though, there’s absolutely no songs in the Finnish language! They’re all in English.

Christina Renwall: ’Fool Of Yourself’ – Electro pop. But not nearly memorable or strong enough.
Tony Green: ’Miracle’ – A lovely little ballad with a great melody in the chorus. Very strong chorus.
Suvi: ‘We Are One’ – Disjointed uptempo pop rock. Not very good. At all.
Sara Sayed: ‘Shallow Waters’ – HORRENDOUSLY bad! An awful attempt at ‘quirky’ soul jazz funk.
Tom Oxley: ‘The Prisoner’ – We like this! Uplifting guitar pop.
Pauliina Salonen: ‘Every Day’ – Quite boring, but has a sweet melody that becomes more apparent in the second half.
Emelie Untamala & Jola Nissilä: ‘It Is You’ – Slowly losing the will to live here. This is just like the last one.
Joel Främling: ‘Man In Squalor’ – Relatively charming Michael Buble-esque stuff.
Anfisa: ‘Give Me Power To Resist’ – This sounds like a tribute to Nina Simone’s ‘Feelin Good’, but is a bit off the mark.
Chorale: ‘Share Your Life’ – Ooh, this is much more like it! Quite Waldo’s People-esque. Although it never quite takes off as well as you’re hoping throughout.
Cardiant: ‘Rapture In Time’ – And here’s the heavy metal that Finland are so famous for! And surprisingly, we like it a lot more than most things here. They even go to the bother of putting a key change! It’s got a great outro too.
Saara Aalto: ‘Blessed With Love’ – Oh this is lovely! A beautiful ballad that sounds like it belongs in a musical. This one needs to go through! We really really like it.
Sonja Bishop: ‘This Is My Life’ – This starts off similar to the previous one, but then turns into a more uptempo number. Bordering on schlager, but the music sounds more 90’s r&b pop. Sadly though, we don’t think it’s a retro chic tribute – it’s just very very outdated! It’s almost rescued by a key change!
Father McKenzie: ‘Good Enough’ – Oh dear.
Blackbird: ‘Gooseberry’ – More quirky guitar pop. Not our thing at all.

Our choice for the three winners: Saara Aalto, Tony Green, and either Cardiant or Tom Oxley!

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