Danish duo TooManyLeftHands (that’s Martin Nick and Anders Kanstrup to the uninitiated) are back right now with a brand new single. It’s ‘Cold Heart’, and is the follow-up single to the big n’ banging ‘Can’t Get To You‘ that we featured on here last year. There are a lot of dance tracks around at the moment that are aping a formula in an attempt to fit into a certain sound and style that’s currently popular. And so it’s getting harder and harder to become excited about many tunes in the genre that are being released. So when a dance track comes along that doesn’t fall into line with 90% of other producers, it’s refreshing. And to be applauded. ‘Cold Heart’ is such a track. A classic uplifting house tune that’s been crafted well – and not just to fit into a mould. Thus, check it out;

You can find ‘Cold Heart’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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