WELL! What do we have here then? You know what we have here. Ever since we tweeted about them last Thursday, they’ve been “breaking the internet” – all the way up to an article about them on TIME MAGAZINE’s website!
Go on though, explain them anyway. A*Base – they will be to Ace of Base what A*Teens were to ABBA. Amazing.
Members? Matilda Lundberg (15), Malin Enstedt (15), Alexander Beyer (16) and Emil Henrohn (17). So they’re all actual *Teens too.
Do they sound good? They literally sound like A*Teens covering an Ace of Base song. So yes – extremely good!
And who’s behind them? The producer, and man behind the idea, is Ari LeTennen. A Finnish/Swedish writer and producer who is based in Stockholm. He produced a cacophony of Euro-house hits in the nineties, and then went on to pop in the noughties, writing and producing for everyone from Velvet and NG3, to Clea and Waldo’s People – and even Ace of Base themselves.
And what do “Ace of Base themselves” think of it all? They’re hyped! And they’ve been hyping them up on social media all week. So it’s good to know that everyone involved is loving it.


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