SONG: Sharks – ‘Rebel’

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OMG finally! Swedish duo Sharks released one of the best debut singles of last year, with ‘Wait’ – which inexplicably under-performed in terms of mass exposure, and even blog exposure. But today they return with a second single. And as if to awaken everyone who slept through their last release, it’s EVEN stronger. ‘Rebel’.
What’s it like? Fucking mental. Popjustice premiered it this morning and got it pretty spot on when they stated that it was like a cross between Icona Pop, Girls Aloud, and AronChupa.
Written by? The press release says “Vincent Pontare, Linus Eklöw and Svidden amongst others are involved in the song”. Wow those “others” must feel so pleased to have been overlooked for a credit. Still, it’s an improvement on the songwriter and producer info being completely left off Swedish press releases like it normally is….
Alright, pipe down! Apols. So -the new Sharks single is once again an exhilarating slice of danceelectropop and we really hope that more people pick up on it this time. The more people that buy into them, the more songs that get made. That’s how we think it works anyway. And we need more songs from these two.


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