SONG: Saara Aalto – ‘Domino’

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Wasn’t there just a new single last week? There was. ‘Monsters‘. And there’ll be a new one next week. ‘Queens’. Saara Aalto’s three songs to present to the Finnish voting public next month – who will then select their fave as their Eurovision song in May.
What’s this new one like? A ballad of EPIC proportions. With a chorus so big, it’s been split in half so that you feel like you’re getting two choruses in one. And all this in a mere three minutes. We need a lie down!
Written by? Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljunggren, Johnny Sanchez, and Will Taylor.
Are Finland gonna win the Eurovision Song Contest? Well it’s certainly looking like they’ve got a very good shot at this point!

You can find ‘Domino’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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