SONG: Nadja Kasanesh – ‘My Friends’

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What’s this? Former Idol champ Nadja Kasanesh is out with a brand-new single. Her second since her time on the Swedish talent show. This is ‘My Friends’.
What’s it like? An effortlessly uplifting dance tune with an irresistible, feel-good beat. Best bit is the the roll call of her friends just before the final chorus comes back. Deserves to be a Sound Of The Summer throughout Sverige. And imagine how special those namechecked friends would feel every time they heard it on the radio.
What does Nadja say?This is a love letter to my fam. This past year has really tested me in so many uncomfortable ways, but I always push through and know it’ll be okay thanks to the amazing people around me. This one’s for you, thank you for being on this crazy ride with me. I love you, always.
Written by? Nadja herself, along with Nanna Bottos and Rasmus Blixt.
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