Introducing? I recognise that face. Albeit not the name. Nadja Kasanesh is the reigning champ of Swedish Idol. This is her first single (obligatory winner’s single aside) since triumphing in the show last December. And she’s changed her name from Nadja Holm, whom the Idol voters will know, to Nadja Kasanesh. And this is what she’ll be known as for her pop career henceforth.
What’s the song? It’s called ‘The Chase’.
What’s it like? A modern and mainstream song with a super-charged production to make it truly POP. It’s got some retro r&b influences intertwined into it – which may well be a hint as to what direction Nadja is intending on heading in further down the line.
Written by? Nadja herself, along with Jakob Redtzer, Jonathan Lavotha and Martin Masarov.
More from Nadja? Potentially a lot more – this summer she was spotted at a lot of songwriting camps for Melodifestivalen 2022!

You can find ‘The Chase’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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