What’s this? Swedish duo Medina are back with the follow-up to their mammoth Melodifestivalen hit ‘In i Dimman’. New single ‘Nema Problema’.
What’s it like? Still basking under that sweet glow of bubblegum banger pop, they’ve decided to extend the thrills they experienced with ‘In i Dimman even further. This is another obscenely catchy party anthem with a chanting chorus, clocking in at under three minutes. Something to delight tipsy adults and Haribo-fuelled kids alike. They could have had another high-table finish at a Melodifestivalen final had they saved this for next year’s contest!
Written by? The two chaps, alongside Jimmy ‘Joker’ Thörnfeldt.
More from Medina? Has there been a more enticing opening line to a song this year than “min kära lille“? No there has not.

You can find ‘Nema Problema’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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