The new single? Following on from her big Melodifestivalen hit ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, Mariette returns today with new single ‘My Revolution’. It’s also this year’s official Stockholm Pride theme.
And what’s it like? As with ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, the emphasis is on an intense production which sounds glorious when played loud through headphones (not too high though, kids), with a strong lyrical message. In this case, fitting for a Stockholm Pride theme, the song is about discovering yourself, braving the new world we live in, and telling them all your truth.
Written by? Mariette herself, along with Linnea Olsson, Fredrik Samsson and Anton Hård af Segerstad.
More from Mariette? She will release her first EP, also titled ‘My Revolution’, next Wednesday June 17th. On there, are tracks she’s written with Ace Wilder, Miss Li, Smith & Thell, plus the team behind Sweden’s Eurovision winner (and the song which beat ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ at this year’s Melodifestivalen) ‘Heroes’.


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