What’s this? Elusive Norwegian chanteuse Margaret Berger is back with a brand-new single. Her first in a year. This is ‘Gjennomsiktig’.
What does that mean? Transparent.
Interesting! Well it’s also a quite interesting song, as it happens.
What’s it like? An atmospheric piece of electronica that goes big on the beats (only in places, mind, so as to accentuate their impact when they do arrive), and beautifully breathy vocals from Our Mags Bergs.
Written by? Margaret Berger and Thomas Kongshavn.
More from Margaret? On this day one year ago we featured her previous single – ‘Gal‘. Margaret also featured on the most recent series of The Masked Singer in Norway!

You can find ‘Gjennomsiktig’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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