SONG: Magnus Carlsson – ‘Slow Motion’

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What’s this? Would you believe, it’s the near-annual event of a brand new single by Magnus Carlsson. After last summer’s ‘Sommarnatt’, he’s back with a new one. ‘Slow Motion’.
Slow Motion? What’s that Swedish for? This is his first English language single in FIVE years. Not counting his Christmas releases, of course. Cos as sure as you can be that there’ll be a Magnus Carlsson summer pop single, there’ll always be a Christmas single too. He’s the Swedish Godfather of Christmas.
Summer pop single. That sounds good. It IS good. And as with last summer’s ‘Sommarnatt’, this summer’s ‘Slow Motion’ sees Magnus Carlsson move away from schlager, and come up with something a bit broader in appeal. Still up-tempo and fabulous, of course. And most definitely a perfect fit for our Ultimate Magnus Carlsson playlist. The man never EVER lets us down.
Written by? Music, lyrics and production by Chris Meyer (most famous for his work with J-Pop supergroup Hey! Say! Jump!), and mixed by Chris Elms.

You can find ‘Slow Motion’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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