So this’ll be song number 3 then? Yep. After ‘Monsters‘ and ‘Domino‘, ‘Queens’ is the final song that Saara Aalto will present to the Finnish voting public next weekend as their potential Eurovision entry.
What’s it like? It’s ok. But nowhere near as great as the other two. Camp, but without the attitude to back it up. Or the tune.
Oh dear. On the contrary, this is gonna make for a very exciting Eurovision selection next weekend. Had she been presenting three magnificent songs of equal quality, we wouldn’t have cared too much about what the outcome is. But now that she’s competing with two bangers and a dud, we’re gonna be watching every second and embodying an actual bag of nerves.
The Finns wouldn’t actually select this, would they? If we could compare it to any other song, we’d say it’s a bit like that awful piece of disco-lite dross that Finland sent to Eurovision in 2016, ‘Sing It Away’ by Sandhja. So yeah. They could.

You can find ‘Monsters’ and ‘Domino’ on our Best New Pop playlist. ‘Queens is going nowhere near it.

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