What’s this? Icelandic artist Júlí Heiðar has just released this quite stun number. His new single ‘Brenndur’.
What does that mean? Burned.
Oh dear. What’s it like? His less than savoury romantic exprience has nonetheless left the rest of us with a beautiful tune to enjoy. It’s been composed in such a way that it builds from very little in the way of production, to a frankly quite majestic ballad with lots to take in by the end. And the listener is only too pleased to stay with him on this journey thanks to his engaging vocal of what is a striking pop melody. This is definitely one we’re gonna keep coming back to over the next few months.
Written by? The artist himself, along with Fannar Freyr Magnússon, who also produced it.
More from Júlí? Check out his previous single from last autumn – ‘Ástin Heldur Vöku‘.

You can find ‘Brenndur’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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