SONG: Galantis – ‘Satisfied’ and ‘Mama Look At Me Now’

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What’s this? Two brand new songs AND two music videos from Swedish duo Galantis. A good ol’ fashioned double a-side single, if you will. And clearly done with sufficient effort too.
What do the boys say about ‘Satisfied’? “We love this song! It is a true testament to Galantis’ ambition and drive to find that fresh, feel good music and continue to expand the Galantis soundscape on all levels! On top of that, MAX delivered a piece of pure vocal magic that we just could not resist. Put your dancing shoes on folks! Let’s go!”
And ‘Mama Look At Me Now’? “Since the early days this has been an emotional journey for us, and in many ways this is a ‘thank you’ to those who always believed in us when no one else did.”
And what does Scandipop say? ‘Mama Look At Me Now’ is most definitely the tribute to their legion of followers (ourselves included) that Galantis mention above. It’s got the bouncy and fun element that quickly became the trademark of so many of its predecessors from the duo. And on the other side, ‘Satisfied’ perhaps looks to the future. Taking the Galantis sound and properly funking it up.
More from Galantis? More?! They’ve just released a double a-side! Ok, previous single ‘Spaceship‘ still bangs hard.

You can find both songs on our Best New Dance playlist.

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