Who? Joakim Bertilsson from Arboga in Sweden – or Jobe as he’ll be known for the purposes of his singer/songwriter career. He’s just released a new single and we fell in love with it straight away. ‘Ditt Andra Val’.
What’s so great about it? That’s a cracking great melody right there, with emotion dripping from every key.
What does Jobe say? “Låten handlar om ett drama mellan två personer som har någonting men ändå inte lyckas nå hela vägen. Den ena vill få ut något mer kärleksfullt av deras relation. Den andra personen är rätt bekväm i livet och tar den andra lite för givet trots att känslor finns.”
And what does that mean? It’s basically about a relationship where both parties aren’t putting the same amount of effort into it or getting the same thing out of it.
More from Jobe? Plenty. This is the first time we’ve featured one of his songs on here, but if you fancy listening to what’s come before from him, you can get stuck in right here.

You can find ‘Ditt Andra Val’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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