What’s this? ‘Tis a bittersweet day for The Mamas. On the one hand, they should be gearing up to represent Sweden at this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest, with their song ‘Move’. But obviously, that’s not happening. On the other hand, however, they instead get to today showcase more of themselves to their hoards of new fans across the globe – via the release of their brand-new single – the follow-up to ‘Move’, ‘Let It Be’.
What’s it like? It’s precisely the kind of joy that is needed for this here week. ‘Move’ made a lot of people fall straight-up in love with The Mamas, and ‘Let It Be’ pretty much rewards them for that instant connection, cementing their status as 2020’s go-to artist for those musical feel-goods.
What do The Mamas say?We’ve known each other for a little over a year, during which we’ve had a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. If ‘Move’ describes life in general, ‘Let It Be’ reflects the time we live in now. We were living our dreams just a little while ago, and now we’re in a reality where we’re worried about the health of our families and friends and the state of the world. ‘Let It Be’ encourages us and reminds us that you can only change what’s possible to change, and that you have to keep believing that everything else will be resolved.‘Let It Be’ is a song about love, perseverance and patience. Love leads the way, although we cannot always change the circumstances of what we are going through at the moment. Sometimes we just have to let it be.
Written by? The same trio who penned their debut single ‘Move’ – Melanie Wehbe, Patrik Jean and Herman Gardarfve.
More from The Mamas? Their EP arrives after summer.

You can find ‘Let It Be’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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