SONG: Jill Johnson – ‘When I Get Older’

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(photo: Olof Händén)

What’s this? A gorgeous new tune from Jill Johnson. Her latest single ‘When I Get Older’.
What’s it like? As the title suggests, it’s a forward-gazing, philosophical number. Pumped out in a nice, mid-tempo ballad format that is going to be very pleasant to sing-along too once it gets lodged in your head. Which it will.
What does Jill say?The lyrics are all about the situation I hope I end up in when I get older. I hope that I have experienced the laughter that never ends, love and pain, that I have asked for forgiveness, that I have had the opportunity to dream, that I have had to say goodbye and that I have no regrets. It is a song written in a time of reflection and it gives me hope and confidence for the future.”
Written by? Jill herself, along with Robin Stjernberg.
More from Jill? We’re still giving plenty of listens to her previous single – ‘Miles Of Blue’, with Robin Stjernberg.

You can find ‘When I Get Older’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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