SONG: Hit’n’Hide – ‘Space Invaders (Dany Comaro 2020 Remix)’

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It’s been…. 22 years since this song originally shot straight to the top of the Danish singles chart. But now Danish producer Dany Comaro has breathed some new life into the iconic ‘Space Invaders’ by Danish band Hit’n’Hide.
Why? Why not? It’s still a huge tune, to this day.
What’s he done with it? It’s not so much a remix as rather a re-work, with a more chilled out production and some brand-new vocals. Hopefully introducing the song to a whole host of people that weren’t even born when the original came out.
What was the original like? Despite being a number-one single in Denmark and a decent enough hit across the rest of Scandinavia, the song was dismissed at the time as being a fairly blatant rip-off of the songs of the band’s fellow Danes, Aqua. And while it’s fair to say that ‘Space Inaders’ probably wouldn’t even have been conceived were it not for the existence and success of ‘Barbie Girl’, the song was actually produced by the same Danish production duo that worked with Aqua on their first album – Johnny Jam & Delgado. So it could be argued that it was more a case of a signature sound being passed from one act to another, as opposed to a sound being stolen by one act from another. The music video, also true to the form of Aqua’s best, was an absolute riot, too.

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