SONG: Hanne Leland – ‘You Don’t Own Me’

(photo: Roar Skutbergsveen)

Norwegian artist Hanne Leland has been releasing gem after gem for a while now – listen if you don’t believe us! And now she’s back with a brand new one – potentially her best yet. It’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’, produced by Swedish producer Steven Langs, and written by Hanne in collaboration with Steven Langs and UK songwriting and production duo Red Triangle. The song is a dreamy synthpop track with an uplifting and quite epic chorus. Of the song, Hanne says; “I wrote it about a specific time in my life where I was dealing some really difficult personal stuff. For me it was a declaration to myself that no one and nothing owns me, and that no matter how hurt I am, I am going to push through. Depression does not own me, and people’s words and opinions do not own me. I define myself. I think the song is relatable for anyone who is going through something painful, whether it’s depression, bullying, a break-up, or really anything. It’s both a vulnerable song, and a song with attitude. It’s about being utterly hurt, but still finding that inner strength to fight on.”

You can find ‘You Don’t Own Me’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.


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