What’s this? The latest single from Swedish artist Efraim Leo – ‘One Of Them Girls’.
What’s it like? A bright and summery tune that’s balanced out nicely by a darker electropop undercurrent running through it. Very catchy, and very likeable.
What does Efraim say?‘One Of Them Girls’ is about a girl I see and instantly fall in love with. She’s one of them girls that everyone wants to be with. Ultimately, she will break my heart.
Written by? Efraim himself, along with Hampus Nerge,  Karl Ivert and Kian Sang.
More from Efraim Leo? A couple of months back he released ‘Talk To Me‘. And his debut EP is on its way, too – ‘Timing’.

You can find ‘One Of Them Girls’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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