VIDEO: KEiiNO – ‘Black Leather’

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That image! That song title! What in the spirits in the sky is going on? That’s nothing. Just wait until you hear the song.
Dare I ask? KEiiNO have gone rogue. They’ve short-circuited. But true to past form, they’ve even gone and done *that* right. Merging electropop, schlager and ’80s arena rock, but not before giving even that concoction a sprinkling of their own Sami Joik and also throwing in a bit of Inuk throat singing – the latter performed by award-winning Canadian throat singer Charlotte Qamanic. ‘Black Leather’ is hands-down the best song to have seen the light of day so far in 2020, and it’s going to take quite something to beat it over the next ten months. Icons – all three of ’em.
And what to they have to say about all this? The press release reads that the song is “a power-pop tribute to the Berlin club-scene. Written on the same night as the infamous men-only SNAX party, it portrays a future where gender and gender expression is no longer a barrier to fulfil your hearts’ desires. ‘Black Leather’ is the first pop-banger that includes traditional singing from two indigenous cultures; Sami Joik and Inuk throat singing. KEiiNO’s highest value is unity in diversity, and the northern lights, dancing colourful and free, serve as a symbol of how the trio believes everyone should be allowed to feel.”
SNAX? Which has resulted in the immortal lyric on this chorus – ‘you come in here looking like a snack‘.
Written by? KEiiNO themselves, along with Charlotte Qamanic and Alexander Nyborg-Olsson.
More from KEiiNO? A lot more – there are some visual to contend with, too. The music video has been released today;

You can find ‘Black Leather’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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