SONG: Drifters – ‘Om Du Fick Se Mig Gå’

You know the kind of schlager music that everyone (us included) has been moaning doesn’t exist anymore? The sort of thing that would’ve been a Melodifestivalen finalist in 2007, but which wouldn’t get anywhere near the whole 28 songs in 2017? Well it DOES still exist. Granted it’s only an occasional release by a dansband, but when one of those does come along, we need to pounce on it. Embrace it. Play it loud and on repeat in the hope that high streaming figures might mean we get another one in twelve months. One of them arrived over the weekend. So please do indulge. And while you might not be all that impressed by the first verse, just you WAIT until the chorus arrives.

You can find ‘Om Du Fick Se Mig Gå’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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