ALBUM: Amanda Fondell – ‘In A Talk With Nature’ (EP)

Amanda Fondell’s return to the music scene has been an utter treat. Coming back a few months ago with ‘Naked’, and then following it up with the equally awesome ‘Count On You’ which was released last month. And today she releases the parent EP of those two singles – ‘In A Talk With Nature’. The singles and the two new tracks add up to a confident statement of musical maturity – set to dramatic synths and an assured vocal delivery. On the EP, Amanda says; “The over arching theme of the EP is acceptance. Ive gone through times of feeling like the people around me want me to be someone different. I’ve also gone through times that I thought I should be someone different. This EP shows my growth not only as an artist & writer, but also as a person. Ive grown to accept who I am and stand up for what I create. Its liberating. I connect with idea of nature because to me, nature left untouched will flourish and develop into what its meant to be. It grows by itself and by how much it desires. Nature takes its own steps forward and so do I with this EP. Hope you like it!”.

You can find both ‘Naked’ and ‘Count On You’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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