To mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Aquarium’ (yes it’s true, and you can reminisce all about it right here), Aqua have been getting up to all sorts – some known, some still semi-secret. The semi-secret stuff is basically the fact that they were in the recording studio last week. Lene posted an image to her Instagram, but didn’t officially say that it was for any new music. But we can dream. As for the rest of the festivities, they’re currently out around Europe headlining the I Love The 90s tour AND they seem to be reinvigorating their old hits too. First up – big league Danish production duo Svenstrup & Vendelboe have been put to work on Aqua’s first single ‘Roses Are Red’. They didn’t have to do too much to it – as it’s such a classic, and the 90s sound that it has in spades is so in right now. Still, they’ve tuned it up, added some meat to the old bones of the song, and made it BANG.

You can find ‘Roses Are Red’ on our Best New Dancepop playlist.

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