Anton Ewald returns to music today. Dropping the Ewald and relaunching as Anton. And of course – with it comes a new sound and style. ‘Devil’ is the new single. A dark electropop pounder with a filthy bassline and an even grubbier lyric (and don’t even get us started on the video!). The song was written by Anton himself, along with Simon Johansson. Produced by Rami Yacoub, Sebastian Furrer and Anton. The most noteworthy element of all of this is the fact that after flirting with dancepop, r&b, and now electro – it seems that whatever Anton turns his hand to, he does it marvellously. A fantastic popstar that we’re glad to hear back on the scene. And see, based on the video (which we’d suggest watching with caution if you’re in a professional environment…).

You can find ‘Devil’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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