You’re kidding me. We would never. It’s real. Agnes. Madonna. And ABBA.
Am I ready for this? Probably not. But give it a go anyway. ‘Release Me’ layered over ‘Hung Up’ sampling ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’.
Does it work? It doesn’t just work in the sense of it being one song placed over another, because it’s much more than that sort of a mash-up. In parts it’s even an actual duet. He’s made it all work so brilliantly.
Best bit? Incidentally, the best bit in the song is also the best bit in the video. It’s at the end of the second verse, when it all turns briefly into that aforementioned duet between Madonna and Agnes, and in the video at the same time, we get to see the two of them strut together. But the whole video works just as well as the song does. It even looks like they’re performing the track from the same club.
This is genius. Who is this Michael Casado man? Well we’ve recently featured other mash-ups of his, where he sets Zara Larsson to disco, Darin to Swedish House, Roxette to Roxsaade, and Tove Lo Goes To Hollywood. And you can find lots more on his very own website.

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