The Saturday night sibling to Allsång På Skansen and Lotta På Liseberg, has joined its slightly uncooler sisters in returning to Swedish TV this week. Sommarkrysset is the third and final of the big pop shows to come back to Swedish television for the summer season. We really are spoiled over here, it’s rather fabulous.

Sommarkrysset, like the two aforementioned shows, is large on the popstar performances, but drops the whole sing-a-long element. Replacing it with some live phone-in participation in a crossword kinda thing. Got that?

That’s not what matters though. What matters IS the fact that every week, some of our fave popstrels grace the stage to sing for us. And the opening night yesterday evening brought us Alina Devecerski (YAY!), Moa Lignell (YAY!), and Andreas Lundstedt (YAAAAAYYYY!).

Performances below. And the whole show is streaming over at TV4’s Sommarkrysset site.

Alina Devecerski: ‘Flytta På Dej’

Moa Lignell: ‘When I Held Ya’

Andreas Lundstedt: ‘Aldrig Aldrig’


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