Some Mohombi news and sounds!

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One of the most ridiculous/amazing songs of last year was undoubtedly Mohombi’s ‘In Your Head‘, released in December.

At best, many accused him of murdering the classic tune by The Cranberries which his song famously samples. While to others, he might as well have murdered it, buried it, dug it up again, and committed necrophiliac crimes to it, such was the torture they felt ‘In Your Head’ inflicted on their ears. Predictably though, we absolutely LOVED it.

To our delight, it now comes with a hefty and varied remix package. In three different flavours – dance, dubstep, and dancehall!

Our favourite version is still the vetoed original demo, ‘In Your Bed‘, which was considered just TOO sacreligious and scrapped in favour of the more “toned down” ‘In Your Head’. But below you’ll find the three new remixes for listening pleasure. Or just plain facepalm value!

In other Mohombi news – the man himself dropped by our Scandipop Show studios last week, and did some filming for us. He’ll be guest presenting a future episode of the Scandipop Show. We’ll let you know on our Facebook and Twitter pages when it is. But as always, the show is broadcast every week on Fridays at 10am, Saturdays at 4pm, and Mondays at 9pm.

Here are those new mixes then. Out on iTunes in the UK now, and probably the rest of the world too. He be global!




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