Linda Sundblad is back with a new single from her ‘Öppna Ditt Hjärta Så Ska Du Få’ EP. She’s chosen ‘Slow Motion’ to be the latest highlight. And deservedly so.

The EP, released last September, hasn’t quite managed to command the same attention in Sweden as some of her more successful contemporaries. And that’s a shame. She’s truly one of the most talented singers around right now, and an absolutely mind blowing live performer. Plus, the EP was one of the best releases of 2012. Thankfully though, she’s doing it all independently, so commercial success isn’t as necessary to continue making music as it is with other artists. So hopefully we’ll get another EP of ‘Öppna Ditt Hjärta Så Ska Du Få’s quality in the not too distant future.

For now though, she’s rightfully sticking with promoting her current EP, and has this week released the new single from it, ‘Slow Motion’. Don’t let the English title fool you – this is svensk pop all the way, just like all her other recent singles. It’s an uptempo number that combines synth music with a catchy horn. Plus some 80s-esque guitar solo action towards the end. And it’s even got an intro that sounds like a Christmas jingle – how very schlager! True to form with the rest of the EP, ‘Slow Motion’ has also got itself an uplifting melody.

Basically, it’s a pretty brill pop song.

Below you can watch a live performance of the song from Linda, plus listen to the studio version on Spotify (wordwide).

Slow Motion - Single - Linda Sundblad

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