Sisse Marie: ‘Kill For Your Love’

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Danish pop Princess, Sisse Marie, has got a new single out – ‘Kill For Your Love’.

It’s a dance track, first and foremost, despite her pop background. The production, the monster bassline, the intrusively deep synths – listening to this on good speakers with the volume turned up gives you shivers! Good shivers. These sounds are complimented superbly by Sisse’s dark and growling vocal. And then the whole thing is wrapped up with a chilling lyric about being so in love with someone that you would contemplate actual murder. It makes us want to go to a club and dance. Semi-provocatively.

For the third time in three consecutive releases, Sisse Marie brings with her a video which is so expensive and elaborate, that it almost outshines the music that it’s supposed to be promoting. We honestly have no idea how a small independent Danish record label is funding these videos (well – we’ve heard rumours relating to the entire Danish music industry, but we wouldn’t dare print them!). However, we’re not ones to complain. The final package is pretty mindblowing in comparison to what you get from most artists not on a US major label. Hell – this even puts one or two of Lady Gaga’s recent videos to shame.

Have a look at the below vid to see what we mean. And then check out her previous two, ‘Dirty Hands‘ and ‘Every Time‘.

But above all, don’t forget to actually listen to the song itself!

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