Lena Philipsson: ‘Du Följer Väl Med’ – live!

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Lena Philipsson cropped up on Kvällen Är Din last week to give the first television performance of her current single, ‘Du Följer Väl Med’.

Whether it was a case of Universal Music’s budget not stretching to dancers, or Lena herself just point blank refusing them, the performance consisted of a lone Lena Philipsson delivering the song all by herself on the stage. Not that it mattered of course. Within the first 30 seconds she launched into her trademark, attitude laden strut – lording over the aforementioned stage so that anybody who might otherwise been sharing it with her certainly wasn’t missed.

Our favourite part of it all though – THE VOCAL! She sounds fabulous. Just like on record.

You can watch the performance below. And if you’re outside of Sweden – you can pick up ‘Du Följer Väl Med’s parent album ‘Världen Snurrar’ from our online store here.

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