Shirley Clamp: ‘Step By Step’

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Shirley ClampLet’s start off 2012 in the precise fashion in which we hope that it continues – a new Shirley Clamp single! Yes that’s right, a brand new single from Shirley Clamp.

New music from this lady isn’t something that we expected to hear anytime soon. She seemed to have long given up the ghost of solo popdom, and it had been an age since she was even spotted with those supportive Angels of hers. But here it is, the rebirth of Shirley Clamp’s music career. Let’s hope it starts to blossom into something that she can maintain, and into something that bears fruit with some semblance of regularity.

The new music coincides with her appointment as the new face and body of Vikt Väktarna – which is the Swedish Weight Watchers. Clamp fans will be pleased to note however, as they gaze to the picture on the right, that Watching her Weight hasn’t translated into Shirley losing those GREAT BIG BREASTS of hers. They’re still very much intact.

But what of the music? Well the new song is called ‘Step By Step’. Perhaps tying into the Vikt Väktarna message, ‘Little By Little’ is all about changing yourself for the better, one step at a time. It’s a hugely positive and uplifting pop track. And mercifully, she’s embracing her disco diva with it, like we ALL know she can do so expertly. It’s not exactly schlager. Nor is it dance music. It’s more like a mixture between the two, but given a pop gloss finish to it.

‘Step By Step’ is written by Oscar Holter and Jakke Erixson and is released on January 9th through Lionheart Music. However, Lionheart have already uploaded it to their YouTube channel, and so you can listen to it below;


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