Sheelah: ‘The Last Time’

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Swedish pop duo Sheelah (formerly Swedish pop trio Caracola) have unveiled their new single in the early hours of this morning.

‘The Last Time’ is billed as the first single from their new album, although last year we got to hear the fabulous ‘Psycho’ from them too. We loved ‘Psycho’, and after only one listen of ‘The Last Time’, we’re loving that too. Thanks largely to it’s HUGE chorus. It sounds like something even Belinda Carlisle would have killed for in the 80’s! “Anthemic” is putting it lightly. And it’s also got this cool harmony of a synth running through it alongside a piano riff which comes in halfway through the first verse, until the chorus goes ‘BOOM’!

Its 3 minute length suggests that perhaps this was a reject from this year’s Melodifestivalen, but we can only speculate on that one. Regardless, it would have been great in the contest, as would Sheelah have been. With a 100% success rate of good songs (albeit only 2 so far!), we are now firmly looking forward to their debut album.

You can listen to the song in full here.

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