The ‘Saade’ album previews – Day 4: ‘Timeless’

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Ok, so we know we said we were gonna do these previews every couple of days and not every day. BUT after thinking about the mathematics behind that statement a bit harder, we realised that the album would already be released by the time that we’d finished, had we continued to follow that time scale! Thus, basically negating any purpose those later previews would have. So let’s throw that time scale fail out of the window and mix things up a little shall we?! Let’s have another new song. TODAY!

Music & Lyrics by: Jason Gill/Robert Fredriksson/Mattias Larsson/Eric Saade
Produced by: Jason Gill

The album’s opening track, ‘Timeless’ has the thankless task of setting the tone of the record, whether it likes it or not! But whether it means to or not, it actually does a pretty good job of summing up the album. In spite of, or perhaps because of it being a mid-tempo number, it manages to hint towards what both the up-tempos and the ballads on the album have to offer. Electro synths sneak into play, as do the big ballad beats, and most typically of all on this album – ‘Timeless’ has got an ambitiously rousing and anthemic melody to it.

It’s ‘safe’. Not in a boring way though – but in the fashion of a comfortable reassurance that this album you’ve just bought from someone who is supposed to be a prime quality new popstar, has indeed turned out to be a prime quality new pop album!

‘Saade Vol.1’ is released on June 29th, and you can listen to earlier album clips here.

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