Norwegian pop duo Shackles have returned this week with a new single, ‘No Sleep’.

And we like it! But you already knew that, given that you’re now reading a post about it on here.

It’s an r&b pop track. Generous on the bassline (things vibrate when you turn it up!) and all worked around a fantastic chorus in which the girls bring the harmonies…….and then some. Another highlight is the rockstar guitar that’s thrown in for the last 3/4 of a minute or so.

‘No Sleep’ is the fourth single from Shackles in their incarnation as a duo. That’s four singles that each hit the mark and make us like these girls a little bit more every time, despite all four songs sounding quite different from each other. The impending album will no doubt be quite the mixed concoction, but one that we definitely want to hear. Listen to their other singles here if you’ve not already indulged.

You can listen to the song in full below, along with a behind the scenes video of the recording of the song at K-One’s studio in Stockholm. K-One produced it, with Simone Larsen and Thomas Felberg on writing duties.

No Sleep - No Sleep - Single



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