Eurovision 2014: Finland chooses its entry!

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Last night the Finns chose the song that will represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And they went with ‘Something Better’ – by those young chaps you see above, Softengine.

They look like a boyband don’t they? Well they’re not. Sort of. They fall into that complicated grey area between band and boyband. Like The Vamps. Or Softengine’s fellow countryfolk Satin Circus. But then they’re a bit more band-y than both of those, because their music is more band-y. Ok – they’re an indiepop band made up of young blonde twinks. They’re uncategorisable. UNBOXABLE.


The song itself is a big and ballsy stadium rock pop number. The kind that lends itself well to “oh-oh-ooooooh-oh” middle eights, and pyrotechnics. Both of which you’ll find in their performance below. Christ only knows how it’s going to do at Eurovision, but it IS the sort of song that gets better on repeated listens, and so it could well find itself building up a lot of momentum in the run up to the contest, and end up as one of the big favourites going into it.

There were some other proper gems in the Finnish selection this year. But more from us on that later this week.

‘Something Better’ is out now and has been released outside of Finland too.

Winning performance

Lyric Video



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