‘Music’ is today’s Love CPR’ preview. In which September goes all modern day electrodisco on us. The chorus isn’t a hard hitter, and the melody isn’t one of the strongest. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable track all in all. A dreamy romp through sparkling synths, and a universally agreeable ode to what this is all about – music! It offers ‘Love CPR’ some variation.

Written by: Petra Marklund, Naiv, Karl Johan Råsmark
Produced by: Naiv

[audio:http://lowculture.co.uk/scandi/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/10-Music_clip.mp3|titles=10 Music_clip]

You can listen to earlier album clips here, read our full track by track review of the album here. And you can pre-order ‘Love CPR’ at September’s website here.

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