Roxette keep it (Bass)flowing…

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roxette 2011 nyc fashion 2

Last week we wrote about and posted a short clip of the new Roxette single – the Bassflow remix of ‘Speak To Me’.

Well now the full thing has surfaced in all its (quite considerable) glory, and you can have a listen to it below. It really is an amazing track, and we’re smitten. We’d say that it’s the best thing that Roxette have had a hand in since Almighty remixed their single, ‘Stars’. It’s like ‘I Wish I Could Fly’ part 2, but a sequel that doesn’t drop in levels of quality from its predecessor – it’s the Batman Returns of Roxette singles!

Like ‘I Wish I Could Fly’, it’s ALL about the EPIC chorus. But that chorus also has its brilliance magnified by a darker and more subtle and downbeat verse. It’s so so dreamy. A bit like the dream that’s described in the lyrics of the aforementioned ‘I Wish I Could Fly’.

Isn’t it exciting when a legendary pop act goes and pulls something out of the bag that’s just as brilliant as their former glories?

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