Clubbing ’til the Break Of Dawn!

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Hooray! Eric Saade has gone raving – with wonderful results!

His new single in Sweden, ‘Break Of Dawn’ comes complete with the Le Family remix. It’s a very welcome accompaniment to his first ballad release, and the remix has been done really well. As is compulsory with pop remixes, the chorus is hands, arms, elbows, and FISTS in the air! But what we like just as much, are the verses in the remix. The slow vocal has been juxtaposed perfectly by a tantalizing big beat. A beat that smirks as it teases you with what’s to come in the chorus. It knows that things are about to go mental, you know that things are about to go mental, and this is the part where you can blissfully bask in the beat, knowing that you’re enjoying good pop music being made over by good dance music. It’s what dancefloors were made for! Or at least our kind of dancefloors anyway.

But the amazingness doesn’t end with the verses and the chorus. In fact, they’re not even the best parts! That honour is left to the middle eight. It begins with downbeat strings. Said strings then get a little epic. A beat kicks in and they start to sound euphoric. And then an Alice Deejay style synth all the way from 1999, trances things up a lot……the beat builds and builds…..and then BANG!…….the chorus explodes again.

*sigh* Pure bliss!

The only place we’ve found so far to listen to it online is on Spotify. And unfortunately, we don’t think Eric’s label, Roxy Recordings, have put his songs on Spotify outside of Sweden yet. But here’s the link anyway. And we’re sure it’ll pop up elsewhere soon. We’ll embed the youtube clip if and when it’s uploaded there.

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