September: ‘Leva Livet’

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Well. What a remarkable week it’s been for September, since we last posted about her and her incredible performance of ‘Mikrofonkåt’ on the Så Mycket Bättre tv show. No exaggeration is needed when we say that it’s become an absolute sensation, both on and off the internet. In four days, the performance had managed to clock up an incomprehendable 500,000 views on youtube, spread over different video uploads. That’s unheard of for a Swedish artist singing a Swedish language song, on a Swedish language tv show that nobody outside of the country even knows about. Even the most popular Melodifestivalen performances take weeks and weeks and weeks to get that sort of traffic on youtube, with most never coming anywhere even close to that figure. Offline, it’s also had a lot of press written about her, especially since she revealed later in the week that due to popular demand, the song would be getting an official release. And on Friday night, when she sang at a planned gig, she was joined by Petter (the guy originally behind the song), to give a crowd pleasing rendition of it. Oh, and we were DJing over the weekend and already had people coming up to us to request that we play it!!! Insane!

The song is released tomorrow on iTunes.

It’s another week though, which means we get another new September performance. And on last night’s show she did another clubbed up cover version – this time of ‘Leva Livet’, originally made a hit by Lil Babs. Once again, she took to the challenge like a pro, injected her own sense of style and fun into the song, and delivered it with an uber cool dose of concentrated but cheeky nonchalance. And she looked her best yet in that gorgeous pop-art frock!

You can watch it below, and below that you can see the legendary ‘Mikrofonkåt’ again!

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