scandipop’s HOTTEST Hot Mess videos of 2010!

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While we were going through our favourite Scandinavian music videos of the year, to compile the shortlist for the ‘Best Video’ category in the 2011 scandipop awards, there were a number of vids from the year that fell into a certain other definition of ‘amazing video’. A type of video that we love, think is incredible, and can watch over and over again – but one that could never ever seriously be featured in a ‘Best Video’ category in any awards shortlist, simply because it would make a mockery of the whole thing.

The type of video we’re talking about is the ‘hot mess’ video. And by that, we mean a video that features a woman, or multiple women, trying to be as OTT fabulous as possible, to compensate for what is obviously a very low production budget. And succeeding too! These women have a few methods that differ from each other. Some will take their clothes off, some will go the opposite way and dress up ridiculously. Some pile on the make-up and the fake tan, others lord it up in front of the camera and act like the fiercest bitch that ever walked the planet. We love them all!

So below, we wanted to present our Top 5 Hottest Hot Mess Videos of 2010, in no particular order. To clarify, we REALLY like them, we’re not taking the piss. And each of the videos is to a fantastic pop song too, so it’s win win!

Antoinette Kristensen – ‘Crush On The DJ’

Kick – ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’

Victoria Silvstedt – ‘Saturday Night’

Jenny Berggren – ‘Here I Am’

Annikafiore – ‘Forbidden Love’

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