Don’t Stop!

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cc0811e5eaec98e9bf8ff2cd5f808034 lgThe lovely Annie has been dropped from/amicably parted ways with/angrily abandoned (delete as per your level of cynicism) her record label Island Records. In her myspace ( blog she cited artistic differences as being the main reason, primarily the fact that there was a change in management at Island a couple of months after she was signed, and she’s found that their ideas about music don’t match up. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem too down about it, and is already upbeat about her new single which is coming out in early January through Richard X’s record label. The song is called ‘Anthonio’ and it’s a track which she’s mentioned before that her fans have been eager to hear.


So ironically, her parting ways with Island has actually meant that fans will get to hear new music sooner than they would have had she stayed with them. The music industry is a silly place sometimes isn’t it?!

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