Sarah Dawn Finer: ‘The Winner Takes It All’

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This was quite the moment during Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest, wasn’t it?

We’ve all heard the song before, we all know and love the original, and for some of us it’s even our favourite ABBA song of all time (*raises hand*). More to the point, we’ve probably also all heard various singers absolutely massacre the song when they’ve tried to cover it before. But on Saturday night we saw Sarah Dawn Finer deliver a beautiful version of the song, live. Succeeding to convey all of the infamous emotion that’s packed into the lyrics, and not attempting to imitate Agnetha’s perfect vocal, but instead simply singing the song in her usual vocal style – which incidentally, like Agnetha’s, is also inimitable.

Her performance was a clear highlight in a three hour show that barely dipped below the “enormously entertaining” mark.

And we wonder what percentage of Europe were able to figure out that this was the same person who’d been on screen earlier in the night in the guise of the official spokeperson of the EBU.

It was all a bit brilliant. A singer of her caliber, reminding the rest of world that this is the country that produced ABBA.

The single has now been released digitally worldwide.

Below you can find a link to grab it from iTunes, and also to watch that incredible performance, and to listen to the studio recording of the song.


Studio Version

The Winner Takes It All - Single - Sarah Dawn Finer


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